Pest Control

Here at Green Guard, we don’t approach pest control like your typical extermination company. We believe the traditional approach most exterminators use of blanket spraying pesticides inside your home is not healthy or effective. We know preventing pests from ever getting inside your home is the safer, more effective solution.

That’s what makes our Pest Shield service so unique and efficient. We integrated our proprietary Quad-Block Technology into the most comprehensive, all-inclusive pest control service ever. Our innovative pest prevention process was developed in conjunction with University of Florida Entomologists. It specifically addresses the entry points insects use to gain access into your home and keeps them outside where they belong. 


It all starts with our thorough interior and exterior inspections. We inspect every part of your home looking for insect entry and exit points, pest breeding grounds, and we even find those bugs that lurk inside and out of sight. We aren’t just looking for current pests problems either, we inspect for conditions that could lead to future pest problems too. 

Once we have completed our inspection, we will give you our inspection report identifying exactly which pests we’ve found, how they’re getting inside, and what damage they could be causing. Then we will create a customized treatment program utilizing our Quad-Block Technology to eliminate the pests and make your home less appealing to them in the future.


As a locally owned family business, you’re not just another account number to us, you’re our neighbors. When you partner with us, we will work hard to keep your home pest free all year long. Our Pest Shield plans defend every square foot of your home and are backed by our Pest Free Guarantee. This means if you see a bug again, we’ll keep treating your home – free of charge – until it’s bug free. After all, you are paying us your hard-earned money and we don’t take that lightly.